Welcome to Stockholm go club

Stockholm go club is dedicated studying and playing the board game called Go (Weiqi, Baduk).

We meet regularly on Thursday evenings 18:00-23:00, at Norra Agnegatan 45, Subway station Rådhuset on the blue line (map). Use the doorbell labled Forodrim and someone will open the door for you.

Players range from complete beginners up to 5 dan in strength. All with an interest in Go are very welcome to come, without the slightest obligation. Learn the game from us, or try your ability against an experienced player.

Finding the club: The nearest subway station is Rådhuset (blue line). If you take the subway from T-Centralen you should choose the street level exit near the rear of the train and take a left after the escalators. When you reach street level take a left and pass the intersection with the traffic lights. The next street to the right after the intersection is Norra Agnegatan.

Questions? Contact us here.